Victor's Big Jump

When Corporate Public Relations Manager Victor Wang isn't busy pitching media he keeps everyone around him entertained with stories about his great adventures. Here, he recalls his recent trip to Macau, China, and its highlight a 764 foot free fall: Had it not been for my upcoming 30th birthday and becoming a new uncle, jumping off the Macau Tower (the World's Highest Bungee Jump) and plunging 764 feet (60 stories) never would've happened.

I went to Macau (the Las Vegas of the East) with my brother-in-law and his little brother; my sister didn't make the trip as she stayed stateside to look after my nephew, Lucas. Before leaving for Asia, my sister's departing words were, "You're the only person representing our side of the family, so don't let me down, and don't be a wimp -for Lucas' sake."

Saturday: April 13 - The Day of the Jump

1:00pm  - We walked 1.5 miles from downtown to the Macau Tower. It's intimidating to see a tower from afar, only to get closer and closer and truly see the magnitude of the building.

1:30pm – We arrived on the 60th floor of the building. There are swarms of people from every imaginable country. Because this Bungee Jump is the highest in the world and also $300 a pop, it's become both a tourist attraction and something people often just watch instead of jump - since they can't stomach paying the cost. There are actually people who will hang out on the 60th floor for hours and just watch jump after jump. As a result, all of the jumpers are greeted like mini celebrities, including photo opp. requests. The tourists are provided with the opportunity to see each jumper on a big screen TV that broadcasts the entire jump with pop music blasting over the speakers. Each jumper is cheered on by the crowd, almost like a mini fan club. I felt like a Voice contestant – without the talent. But because the wait for Bungee Jumping was so long, we decided to do the Sky Walk first.

2:00pm - The sky walk was a simple concept, a platform that surrounds the tower, measuring about 10 feet wide with no guard rails and above your head is a circular metal bar like a halo around the building. Each skywalker is strapped with a waist belt with two loops which have hooks connected to your waist and the halo. It was terrifying and not the most secure in my opinion. We had an Asian woman who served as our guide, she was a thrill seeker! As my two brothers felt perfectly safe and confident walking on the edge of the building like it was a tight rope and doing yoga poses with with half their entire body hanging off of the edge, I could only watch as my heartbeat was racing and my lungs were grasping for air. After walking half way around the sky walk and realizing that my brothers weren't going to push me off the ledge as a joke, I began to feel more secure. Eventually, our guide told us to run around the ledge (think the way ninjas run) and jump off the building so that the momentum would swing us around. Strangely, this was a lot less scary than looking down. After what felt like an eternity, the walk was over.

3:30pm The line for Bungee Jumping clears, and we get suited up for our jump. The harnesses were different than the sky walk – much more secure. For some odd reason, fear never crossed my mind as the sky walk made everything else seem easy. There isn't much to say about the time leading up to the jump except that if you jump for the first time, you have to go face first (swan dive), if you go a second time then they let you go backwards and finally, if you go a third time, they untie your legs (you're normally wearing a body harness and leg harness) and you can run off the ledge and just fly out. I actually really wanted to do the latter two because of the cinematic value it provided for the video recording. Some jumpers reenacted Chow Yun Fat jumping backwards with two guns (think Hard Boiled). Alas, I only gave a friendly, obligatory wave and thumbs up to the cameras and leaned forward with my arms to my side like a gymnast before a routine.

Victor's big jump!

Victor's big jump!

The experience of free falling for 10 seconds was the most amazing and liberating feeling one could ever imagine. As someone who read comic books growing up, it's the closest thing I could imagine to feeling like a superhero. The weightlessness and the solace is an out of body experience that I can still imagine today when I close my eyes.

Reflecting back on the experience, I would do that jump in a heartbeat over and over again. The sky walk…probably not.

View the amazing video below!

At the Macau Tower - Jumping Off for the World's Highest Bungy Jump (233 Meters/764 Feet)