HomeAway "Escape Artists" in Standard Magazine

When was the last time you took a seat on a swing? You know the feeling in your stomach when you go really high and lift off the seat, and then drag your feet in the dirt on the way down. It's a feeling of excitement and fright, and you can't help but smile. The Red Swing Project started in Austin to bring back that feeling by placing swings in urban areas, and have hung over 200 in the U.S., India, Thailand, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Spain Portugal, Haiti and Poland. There's something about the back and forth sway and wind in your face that causes your mind to drift, and Standard Magazine wanted to know what far away places HomeAway employees were dreaming about while dangling their feet.

Read about their "perfect escapes" and destination recommendations in the current issue of Standard Magazine, and grab sneak peak of our employees photographed by Spencer Selvidge.