The 'Stache is BACK!


Movember has long been a favorite amongst HomeAway-ers. Not only does it raise awareness and funds about a very important cause, but you get to see your coworkers look slightly ridiculous... ridiculously debonair, that is... for an entire month! Our 2013 team consists of 159 HomeAway employees (up from 78 in 2012), with representation from nearly all of our global offices and our Mo' Bros are fired up and ready to grow!

Our co-founder and Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Carl Shepherd, joined the Movember team this year as well, but there was just one problem - he had to part with his nearly 20-year-old beard in order to be Mo' ready!

We sat down with Carl and asked him how he felt about the big shave. Here's what he had to say:

How long have you had a beard? Its been about 16 years with this particular beard. In fact, my youngest son, Jack (16), has never seen me without it! However, I grew my first beard back in 1981 and have almost had one ever since. I've had to shave a couple of times for job interviews, but I've always gone back to it. Shaving SUCKS!

How does your wife feel about you shaving? She definitely prefers me with the beard. I had to promise her a nice dinner just to get her to let me do this!

Are you nervous at all? No, not at all.I'm not sure I'll recognize myself afterwards, though.

What do you think you'll find under there?Ha! Who knows? For all I know there might be people tiny living in there!

Why did you agree to shave your beard for Movember? Solidarity with my HomeAway colleagues around the globe! Our employees in Europe have been participating in Movember for years and it's recently picked up in the U.S. as well! I wanted to show my support.

Do you personally know anyone that was impacted by prostate or testicular cancer? Yes - my step father-in-law. Unfortunately, he died in 1993 from prostate cancer.


Well, he went through with it, and here's the proof!

HomeAway Co-Founder, Carl Shepherd, shows his support for Movember by shaving off his 15-year-old beard!

You can also check out our infographic about Movember. There's a lot of great stats about why Movember is important and the history of the campaign, as well as an overview of all the amazing types of mustaches you can expect to see over the next month!