These Interns are Having the Best Summer Ever

Our first group of Partner Success interns recently started in Madrid and London and let’s just say they are in for a wild summer. Ok, maybe not “bachelorette party wild,” but there will definitely be some unique learning opportunities mixed in with travel and other fun events. One of their first assignments was to interview HomeAway President, John Kim, and pick his brain on the future of e-commerce.

Vicky W., a Partner Success Intern in London said, “The interview with JK was truly amazing and inspiring. He is full of knowledge and very open and truthful about the direction that HomeAway is going. It was an honor to meet him and I am convinced there is so much to learn from him.”

Naomi V., in Madrid agreed and added that "it set the tone for the rest of our internship.”

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Louise R. is an intern in London currently finishing her bachelor's degree at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.  She said, "It was an amazing opportunity to meet and interview JK. During the interview I got a lot of insight about his strategic view on digital disruption, which is very useful input for my thesis. I really appreciate that he was very open and honest.”

Louise took a risk and accepted the internship without ever visiting London, but she knew it was the right fit.

When asked why she chose an internship in a different country she said, “I really like to be challenged and go after new opportunities, and this internship gives me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. What I enjoy most about HomeAway is the environment and the culture, it’s not something I’m used to in the traditional finance world.”

Louise exploring Notting Hill.

Louise exploring Notting Hill.

Louise is a sixth generation jeweler and her family owns a 200-year-old jewelry store back home in Holland. They encouraged her to pursue new experiences outside of the family business and she’s learning a lot about e-commerce at her university and HomeAway.

Even though she just recently started her internship, her public speaking skills are already improving. Just last week Louise flew to Madrid to give a presentation in front of 200 HomeAway employees and she called it “a great achievement!”

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Rafaela F., another Partner Success Intern in Madrid, is fully embracing Openness (one of our core values) and says it’s what makes coming to work so fun.

“What I enjoy most about working at HomeAway are the daily opportunities to improve myself within a motivational and international environment. They provide us with a diverse work structure and besides that, they are truly making it a ‘HomeAway’ from home.”

We love our interns around the world and we can’t wait to share more of their stories with you. Stay tuned for content this summer about the HomeAway Internship Program and HomeAway University!

Are you interested in interning with HomeAway? Visit our careers page to explore open opportunities.