Prancercising and Segwaying through Summit

In the last month, members of both the Human Resources (HR) team and the Customer Experience (CE) team flocked, and in some cases "pranced," to our company headquarters in Austin, Texas to meet with their individual global teams. The intention behind flying the employees to one location for a summit is so they can meet face-to-face, swap stories, share best practices and brainstorm ideas. For the HR team, their focus was on how to make HomeAway an even better place to work, and for the Customer Experience team, it was improving the user experience for our customers.

But what weeklong brainstorming session would be complete without a bit of team building?

At HomeAway, we have a "Work Hard, Play Hard" mentality and both the HR and CE teams enjoyed a plethora of Austin activities including tasty team meals at local area restaurants, concerts at Moody Theater and even a Segway Tour around Texas' capital city. However, it was the HR team that realized there's just something about creating your own version of a viral video that brings everyone together.

Much like the Gangnam Style's, Harlem Shake's and Call Me Maybe videos of yesteryear, the HR team set out to replicate Joanna Rohrback's "Prancercising." In case you aren't familiar, prancercising is a new form of "exercising" defined as "a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse's gait and ideally induced by elation."

Led by our SVP of HR, Lori Knowlton, who suggested the idea, the team donned unicorn masks and various other props to get in the spirit and "pranced" their way around our Headquarters. Lena Kwan, HR Data Coordinator, said she " loved that the WHOLE team can get together and some of us meet each other for the first time and do something fun like this and include unicorn heads in the process!"

The result was this little gem (see below). ENJOY!