HomeAway's Travel Baubles, Doodads and Knickknacks

Whatever you call them, the HomeAway headquarters sure has a lot of them. In the summer of 2009, CEO, Brian Sharples presented a unique challenge to his staff: collect 500 snow globes by the time the new Austin headquarters opened later that year. Unbeknownst to the 500 employees at the time, Brian had desired his team to take part in outfitting the 51,000-square-foot space. For added incentive, Brian decided that each globe would represent a $50 donation to Habitat for Humanity. In addition to the donation to Habitat for Humanity, Brian promised to shave his head at the office opening party if employees were able to meet the 500 snow globe challenge.  (Hear Brian talk about the collections, and fulfilling the head shaving promise, in this video, which was shot for the HomeAway 5 year anniversary celebration.)


Today the HomeAway HQ halls are decorated with a collection of more than 1,800 vacation souvenirs including 1,300 snow globes, 148 of which are in rotating, custom-made cases. In addition to the large snow globe collection, more than 120-employee decorated birdhouses line display cases on the first and fourth floors of the office. Our souvenir collection also includes 168 shot glasses, 108 magnets, 106 key chains and 32 hats.


The collection continues to grow as employees often add their travel souvenirs after vacation. Maybe in future posts we’ll feature some of our favorite pieces from the HomeAway collections.

In the meantime, we are wondering if you think we should add thimbles, spoons, pins and pens to our collection?