HomeAway Provides More Choice for Owners, Property Managers and Travelers with the Launch of Pay-per-booking

Did you know that there are approximately 13.5M second homes in the U.S. and Europe that are not rented to travelers today? At HomeAway, when we see this number, we see potential.

Our mission has always been to make every vacation rental in the world available to every traveler, and despite the more than 775,000 paid property listings on our sites, we have a long way to go. However, last week, we launched two new services that we think will help eliminate some of the barriers to entry for vacation rental owners and professional managers and get us closer to our goal: The pay-per-booking performance-based model and the first-of-its-kind Professional Referral Network.

Pay-per-booking gives homeowners that list their property on HomeAway.com the opportunity to “test the waters” at no upfront cost as they warm up to the idea of renting out their vacation property. If they book their home, they pay a 10% fee.

This is great news for travelers because that means more available homes to choose from for their next family vacation! And, it’s important to note that unlike several performance-based companies in the industry, HomeAway continues not to charge travelers a booking fee.

Additionally, we expanded our listing process so owners can choose to manage their listing on their own or enlist the help of a professional manager for marketing, on-site management or both.

The Professional Referral Network is our answer for those wanting additional help. During the sign-up process on HomeAway.com, we connect owners with trusted property managers who can get their rental business up and running.

Both the Professional Referral Network and pay-per-booking are intended to give current and prospective customers more choice when it comes to how they want to market and manage their vacation rental home - and we even offer a Booking Comparison Calculator to help them make the best choice!

We can't wait to see how these new offerings impact the vacation rental industry.

Interested in renting out a property, but aren't sure which option's right for you? Check out this video for more info.

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