HomeAway Hosts Second Annual Employee Football Game

Last year, our Austin holiday party planners came up with a great theme - "High School Dances through the Decades." Naturally, you can't have a big dance without the big game preceding it, so from the party theme, a new tradition was born: An intra-office football game. 

In the game, Team "HOME" squares off against Team "AWAY" in a good old fashioned flag football match, giving us aging nine-to-fivers the chance to relive our glory days and strut our stuff in front of our family and colleagues. Admittedly, it gets quite competitive, with both teams holding regular practices in the months preceding the game. 

This year, we planned the second annual game, only instead of the High School throwback, we once again worked in the party theme ("Hawaiian Holiday") and called the event "The Aloha Bowl." 

Despite rainy weather in Austin, a number of employees turned out for the game decked out in Hawaiian leis.  After a hard fought match, Team HOME dominated for the second year in a row. While the game itself might've lacked excitement, we stepped it up on the halftime entertainment, inviting the Dead Music Capital Band to march around while the players took a much-needed break. We also had the first HomeAway Dance Team take the field to perform a hip hop number to Pharell Williams' "Come Get it Bae." The girls, including yours truly, were a major hit (if I do say so myself)! Check it out some of the highlights from the night in a video created by one of our employees, Lenny Tropiano: