Get to Know Our COO Brent Bellm

Brent's winning Halloween costume

Brent's winning Halloween costume

Brent Bellm has been the Chief Operating Officer at HomeAway since June of 2010, and is known around the office for his impeccable sense of style and fine tastes in wine, tea and knowledge of everything cycling. His job may be demanding and fast-paced, but he took a few minutes to answer a few questions about this himself!

What is your proudest moment or achievement at HomeAway thus far?

I won 3rd place in the 2010 Halloween costume contest.

What's a little known fact or quirk about you?

I am color blind and was born with two webbed toes on each foot.

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

For a while, that gal in the tight suit [Maren Jensen] on Battlestar Galatica (1970s version).

What is your favorite book? The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. My favorite contemporary author is Cormac McCarthy.

How many pocket squares do you own?  60.

How many countries have you traveled to?  Almost 50.

What's your favorite movie?

Napoleon Dynamite. It's the only movie to combine ligers, FFA, mild judging, martial arts (Rex Quan Do), time machines, sweet dance moves, LaFonda, llamas, glamour shots, and the life of outcasts in nowhere Preston, Idaho. Way too much of this hits close to home.

How many races have you competed in within the past year?

As an ultra runner (races longer than marathon distance), I competed in 4 races in 2012. These are all "big races", in the sense that there are about 250 ultra marathons with 80+ finishers in the US each year, and each of these were in that category.

  • Won a 50k race (overall)
  • Won the masters division (age 40+) of a 50k race
  • Won the masters bronze medal at the USA Track & Field 50 mile national championship
  • Top 10 overall at the final 50k