Highly Recommended Vacation Rental Marketing eBook

A recent article in Skift quoted the vacation rental industry at $23 billion, proclaiming it one of the hottest travel segments in the world. An interesting theme that could be gleaned from the article is cited as follows…

“One silver lining in the vacation rental startup trend is there does seem to be a relatively high percentage taking a business-to-business tack, offering marketing services and software for owners and professional property managers rather than merely going after consumers.”

This is probably no secret to vacation rental owners and managers…

Plenty of new companies are introducing a gamut of services to help them operate their rental more like a business.

But what about the owner or manager who wants to do things herself?

For a large percentage of vacation rental professionals, the challenge of marketing their own property is not just part of the fun.

It’s also part of their success.

The Problem

In this 2012 survey I conducted, we learned that 51% of all vacation rental owners use listing sites as their sole form of marketing and that this group experienced the lowest average annual occupancy rate across all owner types with 54 percent…

"Amazingly, on the other end of the spectrum, owners who, in addition to listing sites, used their own website and participated in further marketing efforts (such as social media) topped off the average occupancy rating at 76 percent."

Those who do their own marketing get more than 20% more bookings?

That is an astounding difference!

Yet perhaps the icing on the cake was the following statistic: almost all owners (94 percent) thought they could be doing more to promote their property.


The Solution

So as a vacation rental columnist, I asked my self the following question: "If DIY vacation rental marketing is so popular and so (evidently) profitable, why aren’t there more resources available to fill this niche?"


That was when I produced 20 Tips Under 20 Minutes: "The World’s Most Efficient Primer On DIY Vacation Rental Marketing."

At the moment free to any owner or manager that desires it, 20 Tips Under 20 Mins is an online ebook designed as a blueprint on how to generate more bookings without relying solely on listing sites. It is written in laymen’s terms with both the beginner and experienced vacation rental professional in mind.

And true to its name, each of the original 20 tips can be implemented in less than 20 minutes (which is to say, your lunch break). This makes it the most succinct yet powerful resource of it's kind on the web to date.

The book covers topics like:

  • Perfecting Your Listing Site Descriptions
  • Utilizing Autoresponders
  • Plugging Up Your Reservation Process Holes
  • Mastering The Follow-Up
  • Referrals, The Forgotten Revenue
  • Using Flight Alerts Wisely
  • Pitching Journalists Like The Pros
  • Creating Your Own Website

And the fact that it is free puts the book in a class of its own.

The Proof

I knew I wanted to get some feedback from the industry's leaders before making this book public:

The Foreward to 20 Tips Under 20 Mins is written by none other than HomeAway CPO, Tom Hale, who wrote “Matt’s pragmatic and actionable advice is a short-cut to more bookings and repeat guests while getting the most from your time and money.”

How’s that for an endorsement?

If you’re looking to generate more bookings on your own, without the use of expensive consultants and void of parting ways with nagging commissions percentages, this resource is for you…

Simply Pick Up A Free Copy Today and get the leverage you need on your competitors.


Your fearless vacation rental marketing leader,

Matt Landau

Matt is the Founder of the Marketing Vacation Rentals Blog (the largest free database of vacation rental marketing articles online) and VRLeap (an online marketplace for tools and services for vacation rental owners up to 90% OFF).