Flashback Friday: HomeAway IPO

We're a day early, but today's Flashback is to June 29, 2011 - the day HomeAway officially became a publicly-traded company.

While celebrations occurred in all of our offices around the globe, the following account is of the Austin team's events.

The day kicked off with breakfast in the headquarters office. As you can imagine, emotions were high, smiles were abundant, and in true HomeAway style, the champagne was flowing!

The team congregated on the 3rd floor in the birdhouse to watch CNBC's Opening Bell. While our official Initial Public Offering happened on June 28, public trading of HomeAway stock began on June 29 and we all waited with baited breath until "AWAY" scrolled across the NASDAQ ticker.

As soon as we saw those four letters with our official stock price next to them, the crowd erupted with excitement. Glasses clinked and hugs were given, followed by a sincere word from our co-founders, Brian Sharples and Carl Shepherd.

From there, the work day seemed to drag on for many as we knew what awaited when the clock struck 3:30pm. The company had rented out a lakefront restaurant, Abel's on the Lake, to continue the celebration.

While the Texas temperatures soared to around 100 degrees, so did our stock price, reaching $40.21 by market close. Nothing could stifle the excitement and enthusiasm of our team, many of whom had been with HomeAway since the early days.

Staying true to our "Work Hard, Play Hard" culture, the party continued throughout the afternoon. More speeches were given by the executive team, thanking everyone for their dedication to HomeAway. What we had all been working so hard to achieve had finally come to fruition and it June 29, 2011, will forever be a proud day in HomeAway history.