7 Highlights from Culture Week

We celebrated our global Culture Week and the unveiling of our new company values with five days of activities, speakers, and of course, a party. You know how most company values just live on the website and maybe get mentioned in an all-hands meeting every so often? Not at HomeAway. We live, breathe, and hire by these values every single day.

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Here’s a recap of Culture Week at HomeAway:

1. Culture Champion Awards - Our Vacation Rental Leadership Team recognized employees around the world who represent Scientific Mindset, Mastery, Openness, Participation, and One Team.

2. Scientific cocktails in Singapore - Team HomeAway in Singapore brought in a master mixologist to teach everyone how science applies to the art of making a cocktail.

3. Impactful speakers - One of our favorite speakers was Scott Horton who led a session about creating inclusive meetings and how to overcome personal biases in the workplace. Our leadership team also led daily discussions focused on each value.



4. So. much. swag - T-shirts, stickers, koozies, you name it we put our values on it.

5. Not so ordinary icebreakers - Team HomeAway in Sydney planned unique activities to bring everyone together including an egg drop challenge. In case you’re wondering, every egg survived the challenge!

6. Culture Week Fair - Who didn’t love a good job or club fair in college? We put our own spin on it and all of our affinity groups and professional development organizations set up tables at each office so Team HomeAway could learn more about joining.


7. End of the week happy hour - It wouldn’t be a celebration without a little champagne now would it?! To wrap up Culture Week, we spent time together enjoying drinks and snacks while dressing up in our favorite costumes for the photo booth.

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