I love my Austin job: HomeAway’s Charles Wagner

The following excerpt for the story: I Love My Austin Job: HomeAway's Charles Wagner is from Content Solutions, Austin American-Statesman/Marketplace.

Recently Charles Wagner, Director of Software Engineering at HomeAway, was interviewed by the Austin American-Statesman about why he loves his Austin job. Charles has worked at HomeAway since 2005 when he started as an intern and has watched the company grow from the very beginning. The Statesman asked him about some of his experiences at HomeAway, what he likes about the company culture and the top 5 reasons why he loves his job.

Top five reasons Charles Wagner loves his job:

1. Travel. Besides the work-related travel, working at HomeAway has its globe-trotting advantages with select vacation homes all over the world that allow HomeAway employees to stay for free. “Plus, we have DeskAway, which allows any of us to work in any of our offices worldwide,” Wagner said. “You can go into our offices in Melbourne, Madrid, Marseille, Paris, London, Geneva, Brazil and Rio de Janeiro.”

2. Community of mentors. “It was important for me as a young software engineer to find mentors,” Wagner said. “I had a great mentor who was a software architect, Chris Berry, who really helped me build my career. I learned some of the most important principles of software engineering from someone who has been doing it for a long time and is very good at it. It’s rare to have that kind of an opportunity.”

3. Innovation. “Because we are defining a marketplace that has never existed, we all have to come up with innovative solutions to problems that have never happened before,” he said. HackAway, a weekend event at HomeAway, allows engineers to define problems and come up with innovative solutions.

4. Risk taking. “We are encouraged to take risks — we are encouraged to do innovative things,” he said. “Without risks, you can’t innovate.”

5. Work culture. From friendly company competitions and work-sponsored Habitat for Humanity projects to participating in the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians' Corporate Battle of the Bands, Wagner said he loves being a part of a positive work culture.

Make sure to read the full article and watch the video interview from The Statesman.