Bogota Team Donation Brings Music to Our Ears

Led by Sales Manager John Laguna, who personally has a strong passion for music, the Bogota team recently partnered with Fundación Egipto con Futuro to help them outfit their new music school with instruments.  

This foundation helps kids from Egipto, an underprivileged neighborhood near Bogotá, by providing free daily lunches and by offering programs that encourage them to explore their talents instead of falling into a life of crime, drugs and violence. It is managed by a family that gave up a big part of their own house to provide these free benefits to the local children.

With the instruments, Fundación Egipto con Futuro plans to help kids from the program to form a band that will perform in local contests and events. They already had a group of volunteers lined up to teach the children how to play the instruments, they just needed an organization like HomeAway to come along and donate the equipment.

Mission accomplished!