Birdhouse Spotlight: Luckenbach

Each quarter all of the recently hired employees are encouraged to decorate a birdhouse to add to the collection at the Headquarters office, and the company votes on their favorites. This week we want to shine a light on the 1st place winner from this quarter!

Heather Cotterman joined the HomeAway family in October of 2012 as a contractor with recruiting, and came on full time in March of 2013 as an Executive Assistant. Her "Luckenbach" birdhouse was awarded 1st place by her peers, so we wanted to know what inspired her to choose that theme.

What do you think about the birdhouse competition?

The birdhouse competition is super fun! I love getting to do creative stuff and also love competition. It gives you a chance to show off to your co-workers as a part of you that they might not ever see otherwise.

 How did you come up with your idea for your birdhouse?

Like most of my creative ideas, it came to me almost epiphany-like. I knew I wanted to incorporate motorcycles and the Luckenbach idea just came to me. The skies opened, I heard angels singing, the whole bit. The town of Luckenbach no longer exists, so the Post Office (that is decommissioned and now a gift shop with beer) is the only thing remaining. I chose it mostly because of the shape's similarity to the birdhouse.

What other ideas were you considering before you came to this one?

Someone suggested a biker bar, but I don't believe alcohol and motorcycles mix...I was thinking about making a coffee shop or some other well know "biker" stop. None of them had quite the mass appeal (and a song about them) as Lukenbach.

How long did it take yo to complete?


TOO LONG. I had all the ideas in place very early, but it took me a long time to find everything I needed. Putting it all together took a few hours over a few days (to allow for paint and glue to dry). The hardest part was finding all the elements. I had to search far and wide for toy motorcycles that were the correct size. Also finding a music player took some searching.  I came up with the idea to have it play music very late in the game, and once you come up with an idea so good, you cant just put it off because it's too hard. So I figured that if Hallmark can make greeting cards to make music, then that music player has to exist. I found someone online, had it rushed to my house, I downloaded "Luckenbach" on iTunes and went to work deconstructing it so I got the perfect 8 second portion of the song. It...was...way too much work! But, I think definitely worth going the extra mile.

I think we have a seriously creative team here at HomeAway and I hope this inspires folks to "think outside the birdhouse" and come up with some over the top ideas that are even better than mine!