Austin is Dressed Up for Halloween

Halloween is nearly here, and the Austin offices are adorned with hair-raising decorations that get this holiday off to a screaming start. What better way to brighten Halloween's gloom than with a few glowing ghosts? The birdhouse sets a spooky scene with scattered shadows from haunting trees and giant spiders, which is even more frightening when the sun goes down.  All that glitters isn't gold; it's also green like our skeletal friends who cast glares over downtown Austin and trick-or-treaters visiting the office.

Employees are encouraged to enjoy the spirit of All Hallows' Eve while at work, since the dreadful bats hanging from above and ghoulish ghosts haunting those below are pretty hard to ignore.

Each year Austin employees participate in a Halloween costume contest, which will be taking place again this year.  You can check out some of our photos from last year and the eager 1st place winners of 2011.