An Endearing Glimpse into the Minds of Dads This Father's Day

The family vacation experts at HomeAway recently surveyed more than 5,000 dads to find out what they really want for Father's Day. To spice things up a bit, HomeAway also checked in with the ladies to see what they think tops their husbands’ wish lists.

So just how in tune are men and women when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for Father's Day? The results just might surprise you, make you giggle, or even blush just a little.

Family vacations top dads’ wish list for Father’s Day

According to the survey, dads would prefer a family vacation over any other gift for Father’s Day (35%), including new technology (11%), a new set of golf clubs (6%), a luxury watch (3%), home theater equipment (3%), or a riding lawn mower (2%), etc.



Overall, 72 percent of dads said they'd like to receive some sort of vacation or trip for Father's Day. When we asked dads what kind of vacation trip they’d like to take, the majority of dads chose a family vacation (49%) – even over a romantic getaway with their significant other (38%). Only a small group of dads said they'd prefer a guys' trip with their friends (just 13%).

Gift ideas from the kids

We asked dads what they’d like to receive from their children, specifically, for Father’s Day. At the top of the list, 31 percent of dads said the gift they want most from their kids is unplugged time with the family (no texting, social media, iPads, etc.).

Coming in at a close second, dads said they’d also like to get something homemade from their kiddos (25%). Check out the HomeAway Father’s Day Pinterest board for homemade gift ideas and inspiration.

Not surprisingly, only 12 out of 1,097 dads said they’d like to get a neck or bow tie.

And from the significant other…

On the flip side, we asked dads what they want from their significant others for Father’s Day, and then compared it to what women told us they think their husbands want from them for Father’s Day. The result? Women assume husbands want sex as a gift from their wives, when they'd really just prefer a romantic meal, instead.

According to the old saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so not surprisingly, 46% (the majority) of men said they’d like a romantic dinner from their wife.

When it comes to gifts in the bedroom, women actually overestimated their husbands’ desire for something more intimate for Father’s Day. The number-one answer women thought their husbands would choose when it comes to a personal gift from their significant other was to “make love” – when actually only 22% of men listed it as their first preference.

The very bottom of the list? Only 19 out of 1,061 dads said they’d like to receive cologne from their wives for Father’s Day.

Where to take dear old dad?

So now that you know what dad wants, what kind of trip should you plan for him this summer? According to the survey, dads want to head for a beach or lake (48%).  Surprisingly, golf (5%), gambling (2%), camping (3%), vineyard (5%), sporting event (3%), theme park (4%), and fishing / hunting (4%) trips came in at the very bottom of dads’ wish list for Father’s Day.

Here are the top 10 destinations dads said they'd like to go for Father's Day:

  1. Florida
  2. Hawaii
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. California
  6. Colorado
  7. Nevada (Las Vegas)
  8. Mexico
  9. Canada
  10. London

For additional ideas of where to take dad, homemade gifts and crafts, recipes and more to make this year extra special, check out HomeAway's Father's Day board on Pinterest.